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Those who have been following this website for awhile may remember the anvil stand. For about three years of my time here with Alexandrea I have worked on a 50# cast iron anvil. Yes, just the one you are thinking of. That old block has produced a lot of work. It also created a lotContinue reading “Anvil”


Good morning dear reader. We are taking a slightly different approach to today’s article. Usually these are instructive or attempt to show you how we make tools and finished goods. Today I am sitting down and writing with no project in mind, just to share some news. The goal is to write to you folksContinue reading “Morning”


A fun indoor pastime is brewing your own drinks. One of our favorite and most important is mead, or mjod. We brew this once a year, although we still have three gallons left from last year. Around the full moon after the equinox is the time. It used to be called “Vintage Moon”, according toContinue reading “Mead”


Greetings and heil, dear readers. How time has flown for me! I wrote you last in spring, and now summer is gone and autumn is here. Our peppers gave a bounteous yield. This winter we will make our own tabasco sauce. We harvested a large crop of okra. Large for us, at least. We gotContinue reading “Autumn”


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