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Thank you dear readers, for being patient. It has been an eventful winter. Spring is shaping up to be even more eventful. The shop has been re-tooled somewhat, and the process is ongoing. Our side business has now become our full-time endeavor. Martens’ and Sons LLC is now licensed and operating. We have had someContinue reading “Springing”


Winter is an important time for us. Grass becomes scarce and we lay in a supply of hay. Our family maintains livestock, just a few goats and a pair of heifers. My father and mother raise them on a separate homestead. Now that we have sided in what originally was a cattle shed, we canContinue reading “Hay”


This article is the first one I wrote for the website. I am re-releasing it as a post. In my ignorance of website design I created this as a page. If you were mislead by this, or have already read it, I am to blame. What follows below is a (mostly) unedited transcription of theContinue reading “Bookshelves”


I am writing an article about this dagger shown on the homepage, partly to make it a little easier for our readers to look at. I have some other pictures also to share so it was a good time. For any who do not share my tastes in the middle ages, this is a weaponContinue reading “Dagger”


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