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Smoked Tallow

Over the spring we welcomed our fourth baby at home. During recovery I knew my body needed high protein and organ meats to provide as much nutrition as possible. I made hamburgers with a mix of beef liver and ground beef. I also bought two ribeyes cut at 1.5 inches. I underestimated the size ofContinue reading “Smoked Tallow”

Anvil post

The tree we felled was cut into logs. One of these logs I cut down to about four or five feet. I had planned for some time to use it for my anvil. So using waste motor oil we saved from oil changes, I treated the timber. I stand the timber in a five gallonContinue reading “Anvil post”


Painting shields is like ketchup and fries. You can have them plain, but together they are more satisfying. The shield seen in the earlier article complete, I played with different paints on the face. I started with tempera, which is made with pigment and the liquid from the yolk of an egg.


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