Springing – Fourth annum

Fantastic trebuchet.

This article is one of those which is general, rather than topical. I did this last springing. So I will share some projects and doodles with you. I do not remember how I wrote that last article, but I will give you an update as best I can.

I get stuck inside each spring moon by the torrential rain we get. This is an opportunity to see if I need to patch roof leaks, shelter things from the wind, or brush up on my swear words.

This is a time for drawing. It is of course also a time in which my wife is close to birthing a baby. There is much to do in a house. While this has hardly seemed to hamper my wife with cooking nummies for us, there are many times she needs rest. Mostly this means occupying the minds of my children. That is fun. Of course there are some other things to occupy my time. I still manage to draw sketches of work, and paint shields.

Future doodles.

While I have had many failed experiments with shield painting, I keep plugging away with them. Finding things that work in the humidity of Florida can be a challenge. Well worth the undertaking however. I moved forward a few little things with regards to each project. This has been time for reflection and a change of work.

Being at home helping my lady along with her important work has sparked some responding growth in myself in contrast to her more obvious internal growth. I have not been away from the house in several days. This can be a helpful thing, since it grounds one in immediate reality. Few things are truly important in the final analysis. Time is all your own, according to how you spend it.

Puddle playtime.

Spring will soon be passed, this is the fourth spring we have had together. Hence the title of this article. This is the second year since beginning the website. Many folk seem to be enjoying the story, so we are continuing to share it as best we can. The rain is a yearly ritual in which the children participate. They beg to play in the puddles and we finally give in and send them out to get wet. They will play in a thunderstorm if you let them. We shan’t, as that would be nonsensical.

Painting experiments.

Everyone gets a big kick out of the paint mess Daddy brings into the kitchen every weekend. Mommy puts up with the invasion, because the children and myself are spoiled. She baked cherry pie tonight. She was enthusiastic about how well it set.

The sword I have carried the longest has been in the shop for awhile. It has been getting some attention recently.

This however is my son’s drawing of a spider face.

My son is a budding artist himself. When Daddy draws he wants to join in the fun.

The quillon welded on.
Fit before welding.
Leather washers, old wooden grip and new pommel.

We are still waiting for baby to come. What seemed like an immediate arrival of the newborn has turned into more waiting. As you can imagine, we are excited to meet her!

Spring has been as good and beautiful as only a fresh new spring can be. The weather has been mild and fair, other than some stout thunderstorms. Thor has been quite busy over the homestead. We have been glad not to have seen any tornadoes.

Things will become busy and then busier for awhile. Until autumn comes again and we prepare for the slowing of winter. While the sun shines, I hope to get many things done in the shop. There are many things to do. All the children need new shields. We already have got the wood set aside for them. I will be making another man sized shield as well. There will be an article on these in future.

Feasting of the feather folk.

The trees are budding green, the seedlings are sprouting. The world grows anew. I must join in with it. Until the next opportunity to write to you dear reader, I wish for you to enjoy the growth. I wish too that you each,

Fare well wherever you fare,

Warm regards,


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I am a father, husband and smith. I focus on doing a the best things I can with what I have available. This leads to some creative solutions. My wife and three children live and work a homestead and smithy in the swamps of northern Florida.

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