Anvil post

The new post for my anvil.

The tree we felled was cut into logs. One of these logs I cut down to about four or five feet. I had planned for some time to use it for my anvil. So using waste motor oil we saved from oil changes, I treated the timber. I stand the timber in a five gallon bucket and pour the oil over it. It soaks into the wood.

For those of you who get a foreshortened post, I apologize. I accidentally published an unwritten article. I will endeavor to correct that now.

The post soaking up the oil.

Alexandrea is in the process of laboring with the baby as I write. So there has been a lot of delay trying to finish up this writing. I dug a hole in the shop with a mattock and square shovel. I got messy picking up the oiled log and dropping it in the hole.

I filled the hole back in and tamped it down. I added more oil until I figured it had soaked in enough. There is about two feet of log in the ground. I mounted the home made 30# anvil to the top and we have been using it for about a year.

I work much better with a firmly mounted steel anvil over this log.

Cleaning up the shop.

Well dear reader, I apologize if you had to read this in pieces. I hope you enjoyed it all the same. I am learning the perils of writing these articles from a cellphone. I may come back and edit these articles later to make them more well rounded. I know some of you kind folk out there have subscribed to updates, and I have wanted to give you at least a half loaf instead of no bread.

So until next time dear reader. Fare well wherever you fare.

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I am a father, husband and smith. I focus on doing a the best things I can with what I have available. This leads to some creative solutions. My wife and three children live and work a homestead and smithy in the swamps of northern Florida.

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