So I recently did something I have never done before. I created a time-lapse video. You can see it on youtube. As you have likely seen it already and are visiting from there, I realize posting the link is redundant, yet, here it is:

So, I hope you enjoyed the video. I made the shield of plywood scrap made from the ends of some parts I cut to repair the house. I faced it with some tough muslin cloth and hide glue. It was an excellent surface to paint on. I traced the outline of the moon with a bowl, and created the star with some elementary geometry. It is the symbol of our wedding and the creation of our house.

The wolf in the middle I sketched using a picture of heraldry artwork for reference. I was going to include the sketching in the video, but it would make it too long. If anyone likes, I might be inclined to edit the recording and make another. The lighting was not good in either portion. I tried to mitigate it, but, oh well.

The wolf is fairly obvious symbol of myself. Held in my right hand, the claws face the foe. If I hold the shield up in the right hand, to match the moon and star in the time my wife and I were wed, the wolf faces north. These are personal arms, assumed by me. I have not used these on a field before, in fact I have not even put the enarmes on. I look forward to doing so in the future and gaining some honorable advancement.

Maybe you and I, dear reader, will get to meet and cross swords. That will be an exciting time. Until then,

Fare well, wherever you fare.


Published by Wulf's Fire

I am a father, husband and smith. I focus on doing a the best things I can with what I have available. This leads to some creative solutions. My wife and three children live and work a homestead and smithy in the swamps of northern Florida.

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