My wife enjoying her sitting spot.

Good morning dear reader. We are taking a slightly different approach to today’s article. Usually these are instructive or attempt to show you how we make tools and finished goods. Today I am sitting down and writing with no project in mind, just to share some news. The goal is to write to you folks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So there will be some little letters, like this one.

We have been working on a kitchen knife based on Alexandrea’s design. When the first one is made and tested we will be making a batch to sell to y’all. I also began a prototype scythe for use around our raised beds. Both these things need to be finished. They have been put on the back burner for now until we finish our current roofing works. Always busy, we are.

My son Ares wants me to bring down the old hand pump to let him work the air. I had to tell him, we are using an electric blower now. He was adamant, the “up-down” is a superior bellows. Instead of argue, I offered to set up his own hearth with the “up-down” supplying air. His eyes widened, “My shop dada? My shop in your shop?”. We walked around and talked about it. He has ideas. I just cannot understand them yet.

So as I wrote in another article, we have to set up two hearths in the shop. The weather is cooling a bit now. Once we get our outside work in hand, that is, finished; then I have plenty of work to do on the homestead. We have plans for more raised beds. We likely have more plans than I have years left, I have not had time to do the math. So I just keep plugging away. As I write the sun is steadily rising. I should be on a roof this very moment!

Writing to you readers, with my coffee(almost empty) at my elbow, is a benefit to me. It is a clarifying practice which lets me put some of my thoughts, if not on paper, at least somewhere less slippery. I hope it is at least entertaining for you! This particular little missive was started with no plan or theme. I am saying “Good morning” to my internet neighbors. You likely will not get to read this until lunch, however. Best laid plans and all.

So, what can I say to my neighbors? Well I can say in the swamps here, it is under 70° Fahrenheit. That is a blessing to us. After being cooked on a daily basis for months, now we are only cooked for a few hours a day. With less steam, it appears.

What else, well I told you about all of the work, make that, some of the work. Harvests! We have about a gallon of grapes, from our fence vine. We have more tabasco peppers than I have knowledge of. Alexandrea tells me, and I promptly forget. Suffice to say, we will be making hot sauce this winter. We also harvested habanero peppers. The beans were lost to grubs. We have asparagus unexpectedly growing among the marigolds and habaneros. In fact, Wednesday might be an article on the beds and how they are looking this autumn.

You know? I would love to stay and write to you folks even longer. Since we will be writing thrice a week, I will save some of my words for Wednesday. Now I must go attend to the tasks. All I will say further is, enjoy your day! Stop to smell the flowers. You will not have this same day again. Until we meet again, dear readers,

Fare well wherever you fare.

Warm regards,


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I am a father, husband and smith. I focus on doing a the best things I can with what I have available. This leads to some creative solutions. My wife and three children live and work a homestead and smithy in the swamps of northern Florida.

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