Wulf’s Fire

I am a father and husband living in the swamps that make up the northern half of the state of Florida. I operate a small workshop at our homestead. We produce interior ironwork such as hooks and brackets. We make durable leather belts and knife sheaths. We also make wooden furnishings like stools, bookshelves, and tables. My father was a carpenter, one among many other skills he possesses. To this day he remains a vital consultant in our work. My work is a product of his teaching. My mistakes and imperfections are my own. We hope to expand to the local fairs to see folk in person and sell our goods directly.


Our current project is not on the desk, but in the workshop. We still have the hearth and anvil set up in the shop. As the hearth has been in use for about a year now, the bottom has begun to burn out. We still use it for production. You should know how much wood to cut for winter, and how much you need to shingle a roof. So, it is time to build two new hearths for smithing. One for myself, and one for my son Ares. I am certain it will become the “littles hearth” and my youngest daughter will aid him in his work. The dirt and clay from the last two forges will be used to make two new forges. For those of you with us for awhile, Isobel is tall enough to use our forge now! She will help me and my companions in the smithing. I have done some autumn cleaning and many things in the shop have been moved. You would hardly recognize it! That is all for now, we will update soon. Look at the different pages which contain links to articles. You will also see that we now have things for sale.

In the meantime you can scroll down to see articles and recipes written by myself and my wife Alexandrea.

Here are contained our previous articles. Of which you will find that now there are eleven. Growing little by little!

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your little romp through our madness. You can always come back for more. We have a lot planned to show you.

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