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You will find here a collection of interests ranging from historical arms and armor to small engines, usually crash landing into a spectacular conflagration. I am a father and husband living in the swamps that make up the northern half of the province known as Florida. I operate a small smithy at our homestead, neither of which provide much in the way of financial profit. In whatever other ways they are of benefit, you will have to judge for yourself. In any event, it should prove entertaining…

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My current project is one for myself. I have been banging away(pun intended) at it for over two years. Might be three by now. Like most of my personal panoply, it has changed and evolved as it was being made. It is finished, but for two respects: first, the pommel must be further peened for a tight fit of the parts; second, I have made no sheath for it yet.

For any who do not share my strange tastes in the middle ages, this is a weapon of opportunity and last resort for a fighting man in armor. The word “misericorde” comes through French, for “mercy”. The edges are quite sharp, however this dagger is intended for thrusting. This was made from a bastard file of unknown provenance.

This pommel(see above) has a somewhat neat pedigree. It was made from a scrap piece of cut down sword quillon(that is, a crossguard). It was heated, pounded into a somewhat pleasing shape and weight. Then it was heated again and a hole was drifted through it. It is in the process of being peened tight. The crossguard of the knife(seen below) is a piece of 3/8″ chain scrap. There is no twisting involved. The lines were cut with a triangular file and the stippling, the pattern of dots on both parts, was done with a centerpunch held in a pair of vise-grips.

There is a leather washer there, to compress under the peening.

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I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your little romp through my madness. You can always come back for more. I have a lot planned to show you.

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